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Effingham County High School Alumni

Michelle Kondas (Burns)
Year: (1991)

Last Visit: 5/19/2007

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San Diego, CA  92130

Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
Had a son in Sept. 1995, moved to Connecticut in Sept. 1998 with my husband but we didn't get married until May 2000. Moved to San Diego, CA in August 2004.
My family:
My husband's name is Clayton and he is a Aerospace Engineer. We have one son, Patric, who is currently 10 yrs. old & loves to play baseball (2 home runs this year so far!) and one dog, Jeter, who has turned out to be a wonderful mix breed pointer that we rescued.
Life experiences:
Going through the pain of child birth, but I wouldn't change it for the world!
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Spending time with friends, hanging out, cruzing Downtown Springfield.
My favorite things now:
Spend quality time with family & friends, take our dog, Jeter, to the park & beach, take in a Padre's baseball game every chance I get (not because the Padre's are my team - my dog's name should hint to that, I just love baseball in general!)
My favorite books, movies and music:
I love a good comedy or chick flick, what girl wouldn't? I listen to just about anything when it comes to music. When, or should I say if I read anything, it's usually a magazine or a good novel.
I work at:
Merit Property Management, Inc.
My website:

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