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Eboni Fennell (DuBose)
Year: (1999)

Updated: 6/30/2009
Last Visit: 1/1/2010

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Aiken, SC  29801

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Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
I have graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. I am a Teach for America alumni and taught middle grades science for 5 years. I am now changing fields. I will be going back to getting my Master in Instructional Technology at Boise States online program.
My family:
Well all of my family are wonderful. My husband has graduated from NC State with his PhD in Physics (so happy and proud of him). Our daughter is named Jacquelyn Rahne. She is currently 2.5 years old. We are getting ready to move to Aiken, SC for my husbands new job as a Senior Scientist. I will be getting my online masters in Instructional Technology. I will be creating learning experiences for adult learners by combining instruction and technology. Basically a company needs to ... Read Morequickly and effectively train their employees but they want to do it in a way that engages the learner and will have effective results for the company. So instructional designers create learning experiences where employees interacts with a learning environment so that they can increase their knowledge and skills which will have a positive impact for the company. Basically, I get to take my love of learning new technology and helping others learn to a whole new level. In addition, I get to be a SAHM, and networking with local professionals to help us in the pursuit of starting small businesses
Life experiences:
Graduating from Ga Tech, meeting the love of my life and getting married, becoming a mother, going back to school to get my Masters in Instructional Technology, and soon to be starting small businesses
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Classes were a ball. I just loved learning (Mr. Martin you were the greatest). I also loved Band (miss you Mr. Schofield).
My favorite things now:
Reading books, listening to music, learning new multimedia, traveling, walking, and new hobbies will be riding bike along nature trails and swimming in pool, and to learn how to work on my car (I plan on taking some classes and having my husband help me), and learning jewelry making, pottery, and sewing
My favorite books, movies and music:
Malcolm X, Independence Day, Terminator 2, Hotel Rwanda, Lion King, Sometimes in April, The Notebook is an awesome movie (I love romantic movies..)
I work at:
Stay At Home Mom/Graduate Student
My website:

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