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Effingham County High School Alumni

Jeremy Jackson
Year: (1999)

Last Visit: 9/23/2006

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3-4-3, Sun Village, Higashirokugo
Ota-Ku, Tokyo,   
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Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
Did a little bit of music... attempted an ASE certification in Houston TX; but the school was fake .came back to good ole Clyo. got put in jails from effingham to bulloch county.. got out, tried to join the airforce... got rejected cuz my record... navy accepted me, two planes hit twin towers, i went to afghanistan on the Kitty Hawk, then to Iraq, went to China 3 times, Guam 3 times, South Korea once, Austrailia once, Singapore 2 times and my homeport was Japan... met a Japanese woman, named Yumi, got out the service, brought her to effingham, went back to Japan, got married, worked as a video game tester (matching english audio with english subtitles for overseas releases WHO SAID VIDEO GAMES WOULDnT GET ME ANYWHERE???!) contract ran out, more video game testing at a different company, overseas liason manager, left that after one year... now I am teaching Japanese kids english and making a great living while having fun.
My family:
Well, like I said, I came back to Japan... got married... almost 2 years now... then I had a baby on August 11 2006... named Jasmine Autumn Jackson. You can see her pictures as well as mine on my myspace.
Life experiences:
Teaching english, getting paid to play video games, experiencing different countries cultures, languages , pleasures, and passions. Making music and oh yeah... going to war twice for my great country and dumbass president.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Not having to have a job (until i started driving). Sleeping in class. Paper fights on the bus. Middle school olympics (not SPECIAL haha). Weed. Co op class that gave me half days my senior year. aaaaaand... goth chicks & cheerleaders (which would never talk to me, haha)
My favorite things now:
Produce and rap my weird hip hop, drink beer at home or in front of the store I bought it at, study japanese and different languages, USE public transportation (its so awesome in different countries), play UFO catchers, listen to music on my ipod, and hang out with my daughter.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Movies... Munich, Hotel Rwanda, Domino, Resevoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Thursday, Juon (japans not USAs), MUSIC,,, MINE, DAyton Family, anything 3-6, ICP, Twiztid, QStrange, Tech N9ne, Bizzy Bone, Camoflauge, Bubba Sparxxx and Haystak. Books... Anything IceBerg Slim, Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Anything Brian Lumley, and stephen king's IT.
I work at:
Japan... Seiha Eigo Network... slanging my speech.
My website:

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