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Effingham County High School Alumni

Alicia Menke (Gale)
Year: (1991)

Updated: 10/8/2007
Last Visit: 10/8/2007

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5189 McCall Road
Rincon, GA  31326
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Things I've been doing lately:
Working, raising a family, enjoying life.
My family:
I have two children. My oldest is a sophmore at ECHS and is in the Rebel Regiment marching band as a colorguard member. She also plays varsity soccer, and is in the mixed show choire. Look out American Idol. Here she comes! She is planning on going to school in Jacksonville and finally earning a law degree. Her aspiration is to become a senator. My second child is a boy and he is in the 7th grade at Ebenezer Middle School. He plays select soccer in a state league. He hopes to play for the school and go on to play in high school, then get a scholarship for college. He would like to be an oceanographer or veterinarian.
Life experiences:
Having my children and meeting my soon-to-be husband.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Perform in the marching band's colorguard, hang out with friends, go to movies, etc.
My favorite things now:
Surf the web, (believe it or not) - drive a big ole tractor and work out on the farm, go fishing, spend time with family.
My favorite books, movies and music:
I work at:
My website:

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