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Effingham County High School - Directory

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Date Range
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Name Current NameLocation


Johnson, Marylou (Marylou riddle)


Bailey, Norma (Norma Nease) Guyton GA
Brant, Edward (Edward brant)
Exley, Denese (Denese Parker) Clyo GA
Newton, Donna (Donna Grant)


Exley, Cheryl Marietta Ga
Roberson, Joe


Alford, Brenda (Brenda Thomas) Guyton GA
Brown, James Rincon GA
Fetzer, EdWina (EdWina Powell) Guyton GA
Harris, Randy (Randy harris)
Tuten, Robert Guyton Ga


Colson, Skeeter (Skeeter Jenkins) Guyton Ga
Kober, Andy
Rahn, Teresa (Teresa Lane) rincon ga


Hill, Christine (Christine Cooper)
Mattox, Linda (Linda Smith) Eden GA
Steed, Cindy (Cindy Collins) Metter GA


Maddox, Teresa (Teresa Jackson) Guyton Ga
Maddox, Teresa (Teresa Jackson) Guyton Ga
Morris, Kaye (Kaye Shuman) Faulkville ga
Nelson, Arlene (Arlene Everson)


Davis, Phyllis (Phyllis Shuman) Springfield Ga
Davis, Phyllis (Phyllis Shuman)
Johnson, Dave
Oliver, Michelle (Michelle Maulden) springfield ga
Rahn, Evelyn (Evelyn Lowery)
Richardson, Stephen
Smith, Joanne
Solomons, Joe Jacksonville, Florida Fl
Zipperer, LaMon


Lowther, Gay (Gay Finch) Guyton Ga
Martin, Ronald Urbano Keith (Ronald Urbano Keith Martin) Springfield GA
Miller, David


Beasley, Rhonda (Rhonda Rahn) Ga
Garvin, Trellis Savannah Ga
Hardison, Sarice (Sarice Kook)
Kessler, Sherry (Sherry Rahn) Clyo Ga
Steed, Cheryl (Cheryl Johnson)
Taylor, Arlene Counts Bloomingdale ga

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