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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--W. Gerald Jones (12/04/1968)
W.Gerald Jones attended Effingham H.S. He was a member of the United States Army and served with the 1st Air Cavalry Division (Airmobile) in Vietnam. On December 04,1968 he was killed in action. His Remembrances and picture may be seen on the website VVMF.org where he is listed on the Wall there and in Washington,D.C. under 37W 40. His brothers and sister survive him. May his service and sacrifice never be forgotten.

--Gerald Jones (12/04/1968)
Gerald was killed in action in Vietnam serving his country. He was with the 1st Air Cavalry Division(Airborne). His Remembrance and picture may be seen at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Fund website; ie VVMF.org He is listed on the Wall in Washington D.C. also by the name Willie G. Jones and by 37W 40. He rests in Rincon Cemetery.

--MIKE Jackson (1967)

--Wayne Burns (2006)
wayne, we will surely miss you

--William Thames Sonny (2007)
Sonny you will be missed.

--Brenda Morgan (2010)
Always fun loving and with a smile on her face.

--Terry Rines (January 9, 2005)
Tech Sergeant Terry B. Rines was medically retired from the United States Air Force. When he was fighting for his county in the Gulf War, there was bombing next door to him that contained some sort of chemicals and as a result he ended up with brain cancer. He was very decaded father and an awsome husband.

--Shawn McCoy (March 3, 2009)
--Chris O Conner (1986)
Chris's mother and brother each died of some form of thyroid cancer just as he did. While we were in school he new his fate. In retrospect I admire his ability to have lived his life and having ever being able to smile knowing his future. He was really a good person I wish I had been mature enough back then to have made the most out of my opportunity to know him.

--Dwayne Rahn (10/04)
Dwayne was a loving, caring, humorous and amazing man. He was a wonderful friend and father to his children. We all miss him. Loving Memory.

--Julie Shai McCoy McCoy

--Lori Bragg (1988)
You left us way too soon. You were a great friend.
--Jay Gilder (July 4, 2004)
--Hayes Roper (1990)

--Mary Derrick (2009)
--Sabrina Sumner (1997)
We miss you!

--Chris Senter (June 12, 2009)

--Tyrone Brookins (?)
Such a sweet person and dear friend to all. You are really missed and have a special place in all of our hearts
--Trey Coley (1992)
For my brother, whom I know is in heaven and now that Mr. Mullis is up there with you, there must be an awesome choir. Trey, I miss you dearly.
--Jason Sike (1998)
--Jason Sikes (1998)

--Katie Seckinger (1996)
I am glad I was friends with her, her smile was contagious! You will always be in my heart and missed!.....Cara

--Jason Hook (1997)
Love You...Miss You!
--Jimmy Miller (2007)

--Allen Neurath
--Natalie Stackpole
--Anthony Williams (2005)

--Karen Combs (1995)
--Jerry Jarrell (September 1999)
There was no one else like him.. he is loved and missed by so many.

--Stephanie Pullum (2001)
Before passing Stephanie had the oppertunity to become a mother to a beautiful baby boy who is about 6 now .She was a great friend and really great mom as well .She is greatly missed and loved to this day.
--Timmy Underwood (2006)

--April Bridges (2006)
My father was a big part of my school he loved to go to all of the chorus get togethers.. we will miss him and i will love him for ever... he past away jan.7th 2006 Rest in peace daddy(John Bridges)

--Christine Cope (September 2006)
She was always nice and kind no matter if she knew you or not. She will always be missed and remembered by all her friends and family. We Miss You Christine Always and Forever!!!

--Rita Brost (2008)
she was a very nice, funny, outgoing person. and she will definetly be remembered. we will miss her

Band Director
--Patrice Mullis (2006)
Because of Patrice Mullis and her husband Jack, I am living my dream of being a band director. It has been wonderful being able to show them how much I appreciate all that they have taught me.

Rebelaires Director
--Jack Mullis (4/24/07)
Mr. Mullis, you will be dearly missed. I know that the angels sound even better with you up there now.

Special Ed. Teacher
--Charlene Underwood (2006)
Mrs.Underwood was a fantastic teacher, who always had a smile on her face.

--Lonnie Crutchfield (may 6 2012)
--Alan Hudgson (2003)
Alan was a very good friend to me, he got alone with others, like's to have some fun. I miss you alan and always will your in my heart I love ya! Tara Knight

--Neil Morgan (2010)
--Whitney Newman (2010)
--Sandra Roberson (April, 2008)
We miss you auntie and you left us here with memories of your kind heart and free spirit. I am sad that you had to leave us so soon but I know that God chooses the best. We love you guardian angel.

--Terri Brunson (Feb. 2009)
Mrs. Brunson passed away in Feb. 2009 and will be greatly missed.

--Deborah Floyd (2007)
REST IN PEACE. you were a great teacher, and a friend. you will be truly missed. keep everyone informed up there, that REBELS are coming home soon.

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